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    USB Flash Drives
    Custom USB flash drives are the perfect choice for increasing awareness of your services and products and branding
    your organization’s logo. These tech products are among the most popular promotional products available today.
    USB flash drives are the ideal choice for any recipient.

    Add branding to flash drives and you’ll have happy recipients because high-quality flash drives are so useful, you can
    be certain your clients will keep and use them for a long time. Choose from variety of colors and styles to find a design
    option that perfectly suits your promotional campaign. 
    You can also choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 1GB to 64GB.

    Introduce a tech approach to your marketing campaign and pre-load your latest promotional materials onto these
    custom flash drives. This is a great way to your marketing materials are always available.

    Power Banks
    In today’s world of tablets, smart phones and all kind of gaming devices – everyone is in need of extra power.
    Complicated apps, high res graphics drain batteries at a shocking rate.

    Those days when your phone’s charge would last for a week or more are ancient history. These days, if you use your
    latest model smart phone or tablet battery would hardly last whole day without needing another charge.
    Most people need a charger in their car, at the office, and even in multiple rooms within their homes.

    At PromopackWA, we’ll help you with your customers need for additional charging devices. By giving custom
    portable chargers like power banks or car chargers you’ll be able to show your appreciation and invest in your
    business relationship with a gift that is practical and usable, while also helping to increase your brand awareness
    on the market.

    Shop with confidence knowing that your investment is protected. PromopackWA provides a 100% quality guarantee
    on all electronic / IT promotional products. If your order does not meet your expectations, return any unused
    product for replacement or a refund.

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