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    Branding Your Promotional Gifts

    There are several ways to brand promotional gifts dependent upon the type of gift and its component material. The most common branding options including screen or pad printing, full colour
    printing, laser engraving, embossing, embroidery or the application of labels. When designing an imprint, please give some thought as to the actual print area and its location (for some products more than one position can be an option).Your imprint should be designed to be clearly legibleand could contain any one or more of the following items: company logo,contact telephone number, email
    address, website URL, company name and marketing message.

    Screen printing

    In-House ServicesThe cheapest form of printing on clothing. When considering screen printing on clothing, please note that there are limitations in reproducing fine detail and colour registration because we are printing on flexible, coarse weave material. Sometimes logos must be simplified or altered to give better registration, and if this is the case you will be advised by Email or fax. Plastisol transfer is used when detail is too fine for screen printing. Screen print Polo Shirts, Screen print T-Shirts, Screen print workwear, Screen print tote bags,  Screen print compendiums, Screen print folders, Screen print cooler bags,  Screen print sports bags,  Screen print paper bags Screen print jackets, Screen print umbrellas, Screen print, Screen print corporate wear, Screen print hoodies, Screen print hi-vis safety wear, Screen print towels, Screen print jackets, Screen print first aid kits, Screen print blankets, Screen print picnic chairs .


    In-House ServicesUsed as the best quality branding alternative on clothing, caps and any other soft material such as sports bags. We take a design supplied in .jpg file and ‘digitise’ it into a format that is recognized by the embroidery machine. Digitising is a skilled art that will give you different outcomes using different suppliers. Embroidery costs vary with ‘stitch count’ (which increases with size). Embroidery Polo Shirts,  Embroidery T-Shirts,  Embroidery workwear,  Embroidery  cooler bags,   Embroidery  sports bags,   Embroidery  jackets, Embroidery corporate wear,  Embroidery  hoodies, Embroidery  hi-vis safety wear,  Embroidery  towels, Embroidery  blankets,  Embroidery caps,  Embroidery beanies,  Embroidery bucket caps.

    Pad Printing

    In-House ServicesPad printing transfers a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. Used for printing on to small promotional products.(Pens, key-rings, stress items,rullers, calculators, golf balls etc.) I f right ink used, very durable, schratch resistant.Expensive if multicolour on small runs.

    Heat Transfer Printing (Sublimation)

    In-House ServicesA process in which a design is transferred to a synthetic fabric by heat and pressure. The heat causes the inks to turn into a gas so that they penetrate the fabric and combine with it to form a permanent imprint.

    Hot Stamping

    Method is which type or designs in the form of a relief die are impressed with heat and pressure through metallic or pigmented foil onto the printed surface.It is used to decorate fabric, leather, paper, wood, hard rubber, coated metal and all types of plastic.Hot stamping is a “dry” imprinting process meaning the object can be handled immediate ly after the stamping without fear of smearing the imprint.

    Laser Engraving

    Laser EngravingA process in which an optically-read or stenciled art/copy is engraved (burned) into a material by a laser beam. Wood is the most common lasered material, but acrylic, some plastics, marble, leather and paper are also used. Metal requires specialized lasers.


    The image is depressed into a material such as paper, leather or suede, so the image sits below the product surface. Ink may or may not accompany the stamp (color stamping).


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