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    About us and our business philosophy

    PromoPack WA is a Western Australian, family owned and operated the company with over 25 years experience of producing high quality printed and embroidered corporate clothing, uniforms, embroidered workwear, promotional clothing and promotional gifts.

    Unlike many of our competitors, we decorate the most of our personalized products in-house.

    We screen print them, we pad print them, we embroider them.

    Unlike others, we can reduce our turn around time from weeks to days…from days to hours if you find out on Monday that your employee forgot to order promotional items that you need for the conference on Wednesday.

    So how low our prices are?

    Well, after doing some research, browsing through other promotional companies websites and reading what they say there… like: “Lowest prices in Australia guaranteed” we can firmly claim that we are not the cheapest ones. But we are very close.
    That close that if we do what we do cheaper than as we do – it would be: ” if it sounds to god to be true – usually is”.

    In order to provide best possible service for you, we stretched our resources to the last limit and we know that it can’t go any further.

    We do not want to compromise the quality of our work and certainly, we do not compromise with yours and our time and money.

    Now we know that we are not the cheapest ones.
    But what we also know is that whatever we are going to do for you, you are going to get absolutely best value for your money.

    So, next time when you’d like to get some promotional product for your business, go shop around. Ask for a quote as many promotional companies as you can. Get their quote and then ask us for same.

    Experience the difference.

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