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    Promotional Bags:
    Get your brand noticed by adding your logo to a trendy promotional bag. Used every day by millions of people, customized bags are walking billboard,  ideal for your brand exposure anytime and everywhere. Our imprinted backpacks, non-woven bags, tote bags, sports bags, conference bags, laptop bags and other products come in lots of colors and styles are the perfect promotional giveaways.

    One of the most effective types of promotional products is promotional bags.

    Bags that are imprinted or embroidered with your logo are a great way to advertise your business. The options that are available and the use of these types of bags are practically unlimited.

    The Promopack WA offers bags such as non woven bags, backpacks, lunch bags, briefcases, cooler bags, duffel and sports bags, drawstring backpacks, environmentally friendly bags, laptop bags, conference bags, paper bags, plastic bags and travel bags.

    The backpack and duffel and sports bags are more practical bags that are also very popular for any event or occasion. These bags are available in many different colors, styles and sizes.

    Promotional computer bags and backpacks that are imprinted with your business’ logo are great employee appreciation gifts for your business. Custom imprinted tote bags with your business are very affordable and are made to last a long time.

    Promotional Cooler Bags:
    Available in many shapes, sizes, colour combinations and styles ranging from small lunch cooler bags to 24 can rolling coolers ready to serve refreshments to a big crowd. We have promotional backpack coolers, shoulder strap coolers, picnic coolers and rolling coolers in colors and price ranges to fit your needs. Choose a promotional cooler from our huge selection and make your next outdoor event even better.

    Promotional Backpacks:
    Promotional backpacks are a great way to advertise your business or organization since your printed or embroidered logo gets constant exposure. Available in all styles — rugged, sporty, urban, youth-oriented or business casual, they all make great promotional products for your clientele.

    Promotional Briefcases and Messenger Bags:
    Any personalized item that you hand out is a representation of your company.
    Advertising is crucial to boosting your company’s image, so it is important to take advantage of as much exposure as possible. Promotional briefcases and messenger bags are a great way for providing your company with desired brand exposure and in same time demonstrate your appreciation to valued clients.
    And there is more… Anywhere your customer takes one of these custom imprinted briefcases and messenger bags, your company name and logo will be seen.

    Calico / Cotton Bags:
    Everyone can use handy, custom printed totes that carry items at trade shows, libraries, shopping malls or even the beach.
    Calico / Cotton bags come in many attractive styles to fit your specific needs! Putting your personalized logo on tote bags is an inexpensive,
    simple way to get your brand noticed.

    Non-Woven Bags:
    Non-woven bags have become the most popular bag material in the last few years due to their durability and low cost. They can printed in multi colour with generous print areas to display your marketing message. Full color imprints are available on our non-woven bags both domestically and overseas.  We can also create totally custom non-woven laminated bags with your custom full color design on the front, back, side gussets and straps.

    Some non-woven bags are constructed of Recycled PET so they are both recycled and recyclable. They are available in many bright colors practically as inexpensive as disposable bags and can be reused many times. All of the above makes them perfect as trade show tote bags


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